Take a swim in the green glow of the sea

On the south side of the island, the bay Rukavac is located on an uninhabited island Ravnik, on the southwestern part of the Green Cave. It is a wonderful piece of unspoiled nature in the Adriatic Sea. A favorite destination for boaters, and in the 2nd World War it used to be a shelter for small warships. The name “Green” is because of a greenish glow of the sea that is the result of a multitude of green algae that are found at the bottom of the rocks at the entrance.

The cave is spacious with two large entrances and it can fit a number of small motorboats. Swimming is allowed.

At the entrance your attention will be drawn by the chirping of birds that have found their shelter just in the cave, and water dripping from stalactites in the sea. Stalactite cave decoration hangs from the ceiling. Through an opening at the top of the cave the sun’s rays are reflected in the interior of the cave and create a captivating greenish light effects. One thing is for certain, you will enjoy its luxurious beauty with an unusual play of light and the sea.

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