On Cape Stupišće there used to be a cannon and a rocket base that controlled the south-western military sector of the island. The building on top of the bay Gnjilna was used to accommodate soldiers.
You can still find the remains of a cannon caliber 90 mm Italian production which served to engage targets at sea. Cannon emplacements were dug into the hill and connected through a network of underground tunnels. When the JNA was leaving Vis, it destroyed the guns with explosives.
Above the cannon, there are positions for firing rockets, and rocket fuel is kept in a large tunnel deep underground. The tunnels are masked with stone to look like traditional houses.

There is a danger that near the military facilities today are landmines, since the ex. JNA, during its withdrawal from the 1993 Vis, scattered landmines around its facilities, even though there are no records of landmine. For this reason, it is not recommended to independently visit these facilities, but only accompanied by experienced guides.

Our taxi boat can take you to explore the military history, or you can rent a boat and explore it yourself.

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