The Blue Cave is the pearl of the Adriatic Sea and the most attractive sight of the island of Vis, which attracts a large number of curious tourists. It is the No. 1 destination for tourists from around the world and therefore raises the popularity of the whole island. Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed in the cave because of the large number of visitors.

The Blue Cave is located 5NM away from Komiža, in the Balun bay on the eastern side of the island of Biševo. At the suggestion of Baron Eugene Von Ransonnet in 1884., the entrance to the cave was breached and it became open to the public. It can be visited only with a small boat with just a few people on board. The cave has two openings, one of which has no impact on the lighting in the cave and the other one, that lets the sunlight in, is on the south side of the cave beneath the sea.

Rays of sun penetrate through the underwater opening, reflect on the bottom and illuminate the cave with it’s famous blue colour. The best time to visit the cave is in the morning, when the cave’s colours are most intense. One could write a book describing the magnificence of the Blue Cave, but it is best to experience it’s beauty in person.

Therefore, contact us with confidence, reserve a taxi ride or rent a boat and experience all its glory.

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